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“The guys at Changes Design did a phenomenal job on my website and my book cover. I’m forever grateful to them for making me feel comfortable in the process - and importantly, being very happy with the outcome!”


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Our web design process goes a lil like this

We try to make working with us as simple as possible! Our website design process is transparent, collaborative and built to make sure we deliver the best results every time.

First step is to book in a free discovery call with us. We listen to what you need and discuss some options for you. We’ll send a detailed proposal tailored for you after our call

Sitemap and UX design

First we need to understand and define how your customers will use your website. We’ll create a site map and some user experience principles to set the foundation for your designs

High fidelity designs

We design all of your pages using Figma. Expect high quality, modern and highly engaging designs

Interactive Prototypes

We can create prototypes of any animations, allowing you can easily hand over to your developers with less back and forth

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How much does your Web design service cost?

Our minimum project price is £2500 for a single page website design. During our Discovery Call we can discuss exactly what you need and build a proposal / price tailored to you. We believe in a fair, open and honest approach to pricing.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! If you are able to pay all upfront we usually offer a discount. If you would like to spread the cost we offer options for this too.

How involved will i be during the design process?

We love to make our clients feel as involved as possible during the design phase. We make sure we are always transparent in communication, sharing designs during each stage of the design process so you can view and comment easily allowing you to be as involved as much as you want to be.

I don’t have any imagery or content at the moment, how will you create a design?

We believe the client knows best about their own business, so it’s ideal to have content readily available or have an idea of the content which will be considered when designing! We are happy to offer our advice on where content is needed and will use stock imagery and placeholder content to help you prepare for any final content.

I need a logo for my website, can you create one?

Yes! Whilst we do not offer logo design, brand identity or brand collateral as a standalone service we often help our clients with these tasks as part of their web design package. We can discuss any requirements you may have during our discovery call which we will consider when creating your proposal. We are creatives after all!

Will I receive designs for mobile browsers?

Yes! It is important for us that your website looks great on any device so we create designs for desktop, tablet and mobile for every page needed on your site.

Is animation included?

We are able to create light animation or more complex animations for your website where needed! Depending on your preference, we will make sure this is considered when building your project proposal / price.

How do we get started?

We follow a simple process for all of our websites which we have outlined just above. 
Already checked it out? The next step is to Book a call with us where we can meet virtually, find out about your project and ask any questions before kicking off!